Thanksgiving Traditions with Kiss 95.1

(Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Frito-Lay North Amer

Thanksgiving is all about tradition…whether you celebrate it with the same family members every year, go the Friendsgiving route, or like to switch it up, the food more or less stays the same. Everyone has a favorite dish they wait around all year for and those dishes can and should stay put.

Turkeys, on the other hand, deserve to be played with. Over the years, we’ve seen the deep-fried turkey, the turducken, and even pickle-brined turkeys have their moment. This year, Reynolds Kitchens developed what might be the most millennial turkey you could think of … your grandma might hate it, but your Instagram followers will go nuts. It’s the “Flamin Hot Cheetos Turkey!” OMG I wanna try this so bad. Here’s the recipe!