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First off being handcuffed to my work wife and friend LauRen for 24 hours wasn’t as bad as it may sound. In fact it was actually easy for the first 12 hours. The toughest part of the entire 24 hours was walking. I go at a much faster pace than LauRen, and I forgot at certain times I was even handcuffed to her, so I would pull her or she would pull me. Bathroom breaks were few and far between, and did that uncuffed and privately for 3-4 minutes. We did that like 8x’s in 24 hours or so. Sleeping sucked I was on the floor and LauRen slept on the bed with her hand hanging down. Meeting the Jonas Brothers handcuffed was unique for them and us. All in all I’d say it was interesting experience and I didn’t think it was that bad. Now go ask LauRen!