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I say it all the time people. Don’t judge a parent by their kid’s meltdowns. You see a child having a public tantrum and you give the mom a stern stare, that’s totally unacceptable. Instead, you should give the mom a thumbs up for her exceptional parenting.

Kids can’t always have their way with everything they want, they have to be disciplined and understand that things are not given on a silver platter.

I can relate to the Instagram post, Catherine Belknap (Cat & Nat) shared about her kid having a public outburst. In the post, she said, “Mothers with kids who are acting up are most likely amazing mothers who have told their kids no for something” and I truly agree with her. Your NO should be your final answer to your kid because discipline always starts with them learning that they can’t get all that they fancy.

“If you want fewer a**holes in the world, smile at the mother with the screaming kid. She’s done exactly what makes her a good mother.”- Catherine Belknap (Cat & Nat)

So stop giving those judgy eyes because mothers do not plan for tantrums or throw downs to happen, it just does. Always learn to encourage mothers, they are the bedrock of every great person and bottom line just be kind to one another. You don’t know someone’s story.

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530am a thunderstorm rolls through, que all the kids rolling into your bed. Fighting ensues by 6am they’re kicked out of the bed because they’re touching each-other leads to tears and wrestling ????‍♀️. 7 am we begin texting, wondering if our kids are louder in life or are we Pmsing but our brains are rattling. 9 am finally get everyone off to school even the one that sat down in the middle of the road because he doesn’t walk in rain ????. Hammer through a shit ton of work. Only to get a phone call that one of the kids has a possible uti. Shiiiit. Call the dr , grab one kid for the doctor (who screamed her way out the door because she hates the dr. Like had to be carried out and bribed screaming no shoes ????) grab the other for his specialized tutor and head out. Get a conference call on the way down, a big project gets a pass, on to the next. Get to the dr. Said child has to pee in a cup, on demand. Hand goes in toilet multiple times no pee. Head out for a plethora of juice and treats to bribe said child to essentially pee on my hand. Pee finally happens.....but now there’s a pee cup at Starbucks, no bag, no pocket, just a cup of pee????. Older child asks to see the pee in a crowded Starbucks. “NOOOO” discretely put the pee down, grab a tea, older child has the pee and starts to open it, in Starbucks NOOOOOOO!! Drop older child off at tutor, head back to the doctor to drop off the pee. Head back to the tutor grab older kid to book it back to pick up at the school for the other kids. It’s not even 3pm yet. See this isn’t a crazy day, this is a regular day of a mom. Most moms are just nodding there heads most likely with even more outrageous stories of the day day that they have lived today. So don’t ever question if you’re a good mom. Because you better believe we are hanging by a thread most days. Making “crazy”, normal, is a moms super power. They’ll all be fed, major loved and safe. Now peace out as we go live part three of our day, dinner, activities, bed and bath #gearup.

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