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SAN FRANCISCO - OCTOBER 14: Thrift Town customers shop for clothes October 14, 2008 in San Francisco, California. As the economy continues to falter, thrift stores are seeing a surge in business as Ameicans look for ways to save money.

This is so exciting!  The inaugural World Fashion Awards were celebrated a couple months ago and the recipient for the Fashion Designer of the Year was awarded to Amanda Laird Cherry of Charlotte! Cherry is originally from South Africa but has been living here in Charlotte for years now. Not only are we proud to announce her victory but that she also beat out world renown designer Victoria Beckham for the honor.

Maybe you have heard of her designs. If you remember her and co-founder Lisa Thompson had a store front in South Park Mall for a while. Ivy Citizens was located next to Neiman Marcus and boasted a subsidiary of The Suffolk Punch, a brewery/coffee bar along with her designs inside.

The brand used tencel fabric (a renewable raw wood material, created by photosynthesis) throughout her line. Their goal is to create timeless pieces that people can wear for years to come.

Although they have since transitioned to college bookstores, you can also shop the looks on there website and read more about the designer here!