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We talked about it in the “Dirty On The Thirty” but Kim Kardashian West decided to rename her shapewear line, changing the name from Kimono to SKIMS when fans pointed out the name was culturally insensitive. Kim said she wanted to do the right thing saying she has worked on this line for so long for all women. It seems her fans have forgiven the slip because the line made millions in its debut.

Within minutes of launching her rebranded SKIMS, she was $2 million dollar richer. In fact, almost everything is sold out. Now don’t panic the pieces will be restocked and you can keep and eye on them here.

Why is this a big deal? To put in perspective for you Spanx made $4 million bucks in the first year of business. Kim did half of that in minutes!

I have to say with all the styles and colors this line comes in I can see why it did so well off the bat. The one legged design is genus! Ladies, if you have ever worn a dress with a slit you know why I love this style.

Of course Kim also enlisted her four famous sisters  Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall and Kylie Jenner to model the designs along with 25 other real women.