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Did you know the United States consumes 350 slices of pizza every whooping second? (While you’re reading this someone is chewing a chunk of pizza right now). Our love for pizza is so unfathomable that some people even eat it at breakfast.

I am certainly among the 20% of pizza lovers that love eating pizza but do not like to slice it. I’m sure people can relate to the fact that the most annoying thing to do when it comes to pizza is the slicing because it can become quite messy. However, I found a dream come true for pizza lovers,¬†pizza scissors!¬†This tool provides a quick and neat method for slicing pizza without creating a mess. These pizza scissors are not your regular type; it has a spatula that allows you to transfer your pizza into a plate without you touching the hot crust. And with high-quality stainless steel, you can count on it to last for ages.

Now pizza lovers can enjoy the effortless slicing of pizza into their desired sizes without a mess.