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Instagram app on app store. IPhone with a social media app. Lithuania 2019.02.20 - Image

Instagram models are everywhere! It’s hard to open the app these days and not see an Insta model staring back, but one model, in particular, has caught the attention of people all over the world.

 Maria Oz, is a young Ukrainian visual artist and model with unusually large eyes and if you look at her feed sometimes they look real and sometimes they look enhanced.

Most of Maria’s 117,000 Instagram followers are convinced that her eyes are in fact real however she does do a fair amount of graphic and Photoshop designed to her feed.

That makes sense, considering Maria Oz is a self-described visual artist.

Even if Maria Oz did use editing software to alter her photos, she certainly wouldn’t be the first influencer to do it, but you decide. Photo shopped or real?

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