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LONDON - DECEMBER 10: Shoppers walk down Oxford Street during American Express Shop West End VIP Weekend on DECEMBER 10, 2011 in London, England. West End stores predict £180m sales today with 1m shoppers spending on fashions and gifts. Over 50,000 'early bird' shoppers were out in London's West End by 8.30am this morning for a bumper Christmas shopping day, as the West End removed all traffic on Oxford Street and Regent Street to make way for festive shoppers for the 7th American Express Annual Shop West End VIP (Very Important Pedestrian) Weekend. (Photo by Samir Hussein/Getty Images For Shop West End VIP Weekend)

Fashion is a big thing now. Everybody has their own fashion style, but it’s definitely evolving. Growing up we were all told different fashion rules that we needed to follow in order to stay “on-trend,” but now being ” on trend” isn’t necessarily the cool thing to do! So what do we do about the fashion rules we were told to follow? Forget about them!

Stylists who make a living out of coaching people on what to wear say these are the fashion myths we need to stop believing so we can put together a look of our own:

  • Sweatpants are only for your house- SIKE! Some of my “swaggiest” outfits are athleisure wear. There are legit brands out there that now make leisure clothing look good so you can wear out
  • You shouldn’t wear leather in the summer- Yea leather is heavy material, so if you don’t mind sweating in it, then don’t let the season stop you…do you!
  • If you’re short, you can’t wear maxi dresses- It’s all about a good fit. My best friend is fairly shorter than I am and rocks a maxi dress! You just have to find something that fits your size!
  • You should always dress according to your age- Maney is a perfect example of this. Yes, he’s a dad in his 40s but why shouldn’t dress his personality? We come in some days wearing the same pants or the same shoes and he rocks it!
  • Black and brown don’t go together- They’re both neutral colors and the combo works! I used to be super against this combo and the navy/black combo…but now I’m a huge fan & actually wore navy/black to a wedding recently!
  • You can’t wear white after Labor Day- This is an outdated fashion myth! White is neutral and you can wear whenever you’d like!
  • Your shoes and bag should always match- Just another old-school rule! I wonder if LauRen follows this or ever did?

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