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The beanbag you used to know is gradually taking a new form and shape in modern pieces to create fun and cozy home decor. CordaRoy’s chair is designed in a beanbag style; but unlike the usual beanbags, the CordaRoy’s chair is filled with super soft foam, that can fold out to a full-sized bed!

In fact, It comes in a variety of sizes such as pet, youth, full, queen, and king size, which makes it the perfect option for kids, adults, and pets to use. The full size fits in any small spaces but is still large enough to make a great comfortable seat.

This chair is not only suitable for playrooms, but it also fits seamlessly in vacation homes, basements, lofts, theatre rooms, guest bedrooms, and more. It will be the perfect addition to your sleepover!

The CordaRoy’s chair is great for that fun and cozy home vibe.