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You now don’t have to travel all the way into the city to enjoy good, craft, beer!

Indian Land’s first brewery, Lore Brewing Company, is set to open this by the end the of September at 1218 Rosemont Drive — the entrance of the Rosemont neighborhood.

The owners wanted a place where people could come to tell their own stories because “everyone has their own,” so they named the brewery Lore, short for folklore (stories and customs passed down through word of mouth).

The tagline for the brewery is “Share Your Lore.”

Setup: space includes a spacious bar, high tops, regular seating, and patio seats. At least five TVs will be installed for your sports-viewing pleasure, and the taproom will be open Tuesday to Sunday.

The beer: The official beer lineup hasn’t been released, but they’ll be named folklore-style. Expect 12 beers eventually but only six or so on opening day. They plan to have an IPA, blonde ale, Belgian ale, pale ale, porter and other seasonal rotations. Wine, cider and root beer on tap will also be available.

You can follow Lore on Facebook to keep up with their latest development and official store opening.

This was originally reported by Charlotte Agenda.