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LauRen spent the weekend in Miami with her Mom and wait until you see how young she looks! The two spent the weekend partying by the pool and at the Jennifer Lopez concert! 

Everyone’s got a fun party trick, and here’s mine. I love going to a bar with my smoking hot mom and starting conversations with the people around us, then slipping into the conversation that this is “my mom”. People go wild and with good reason. My mom does NOT look her age and she is even sometimes mistaken as my little sister (which I’m sure doesn’t say a lot for me, but whatever).

Anyhow, we got to use this little ploy a couple of times this weekend and it mostly ended in a round of free drinks for us with our bartenders.

My mom and I had an awesome time on our “mommy and me” weekend in Miami. For my birthday this year, my mom treated me to tickets to the Jennifer Lopez concert.  We had the BEST time getting ready together until I noticed we looked more like we were going to Romy and Michelle’s high school reunion than the JLo concert.

The concert itself was amazing and dare I say Jennifer Lopez  (at 50) is the best performer I have ever seen! The entire concert is a party and ironically, it was a party for JLo’s fiancé too. It was Alex Rodrigues birthday and she had something special planned for him. She brought him up on stage and had two of her dancers give him a burlesque show while she changed costumes.