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Whether you’re a “working mom” or a “stay at home mom” you’ve gotta see this Netflix show that LauRen is loving! 

Let me just start by saying “stay at home moms” are definitely still working moms and sometimes they are the hardest working of all of us. Your day NEVER ends! You are on the clock 24-7.  Which is why I think EVERY mom should see this show because being a mom, in general, is HARD!

Now, don’t let the title confuse you because this show covers us all ladies! It’s Netflix’s hit show “Working Moms” and it just got renewed for another season. Plus season 2’s trailer just dropped and it looks just as funny as season 1!

This show is REAL! If you have ever dealt with mommy groups, lactating, maternity leave, teething children, or just feeling like you’re not a good mom, this show covers it all!

Watching this show, I have laughed out loud, cried and hollered to my husband “Can I get an Amen!” Moms, I think you’ll really enjoy this one!