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If you’re seeking thrills and haunted experiences, search no further than our own backyard!

North Carolina doesn’t nearly get the credit it deserves. The Summers may be hot and when it decides to be Winter it does get cold but we are home to beautiful mountains, clean beaches, and amazing big cities as well as small towns.

Now…if none of those are your cup of tea and you’re more into the haunted world. We’ve got that too. The Biltmore Estate in Asheville has been named the most haunted residence in the country! That’s right. Asheville, North Carolina!

The Biltmore Estate is the largest private residence in the entire country so it makes sense that some ghosts occupy some of that 135,280 square feet. George Washington Vanderbilt II used the estate as his vacation home (must be nice) and he himself has been spotted in the library and apparently his late wife wanders around calling out his name.

That’s not the kicker, though. The kicker?

There are also headless orange cats roaming the gardens!

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Source: Thrillest