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No matter what you do as a parent, when you post it to social media, someone’s going to have something negative to say about it. According to Today , a woman who uses Apple AirTags to track her children’s locations and shared a TikTok video about it has been called a “crazy mom,” but she says her kids’ safety is worth it.

Vada Stephens recently posted the clip, which shows her adorable daughters, four-year-old Stella and two-year-old Serena, showing how the trackers work. The North Carolina mom shares that she learned about it from another TikTok mom who puts the AirTags in bracelets that can be found on Amazon. “You can track them and make a beeping noise,” Stephens explains in the video. “And you can train your kids to come when they hear the beeping noise.”

It shows her girls running over after getting the beep and politely asking, “You beeped for us. What did you need?” Stephens plans to use the tech when her kids are out of the house visiting grandparents, at the park, the movies or at Disney World, noting that instead of calling her parents to ask where the kids are, she can check the AirTags and track them immediately.

While she and other parents who use AirTags with their own kids think it’s brilliant and agree that keeping kids safe is their priority, critics took to the comments section to disagree.

  • “It’s giving shock collar vibes,” one TikToker writes.
  • “They’re not dogs, WTF,” comments another, while a third writes, “This is sad.”
  • But one supporter shares, “It is the world we live in and no judgment matters when it comes to keeping children safe.”

Source: Today

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