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Are you wondering where North Carolina is safe? Maybe you don’t feel as safe in the area you live in now. Or maybe you just want to move and safety is pretty important to you. We all know that plenty of cities have their safer sides of towns, but what if there were towns that are just safe overall? It’s good to know more about the area that surrounds you for sure.

Money Geek has gathered their list of some of the safest towns in America. They have a list of the top 1 safest cities in the country. North Carolina has no city on that list, sadly. Which, I guess is not a bad thing completely. But, they are also giving us the safest towns in every state. Do you know which town in North Carolina has been deemed the safest in the country? The majority of crimes do tend to happen in larger cities/towns, so which area in North Carolina is the safest? According to Money Geek, Apex, North Carolina is the safest town in North Carolina. I have never been to Apex so this was interesting. Apex’s average crime cost per capita is only $133. Apex is in the Wake County area and is known as the community of friendship. How much safer can you get than a “community of friendship,” right?

Every state may have its go-to areas for safety, so maybe we should all be looking into how Apex operates. Apex is one of the first towns to develop around Raleigh and is perfect for those looking to not be so deep into the city. Check out the full list here to see what other safe cities there are in America.