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For anyone looking for love that could use a little help, a trend on TikTok could be just what you need. According to Daily Mail, a “smiley face” relationship quiz that reveals your dating personality and it has TikTokers obsessed. Some users are even calling it the “most accurate” dating quiz ever and the hashtag #smiledatetest has gotten over 464-thousand views so far.

Also called the “smile dating test,” it’s found on Korean website Ktestone, and it’s gone viral after TikTok users flooded the site posting their results. The quiz aims to “find out your dating style with a smiley character and to take it, you answer 12 questions including:

  • “What will you do if you have an unexpected appointment suddenly?”
  • “What will you do when a friend takes you on a blind date?”
  • “What do you think when you get on a plane for a trip?”

After answering the questions, the results page reveals which of 16 colored smiley face characters you are, each representing various personality traits, and it gives you an explanation. It also shows which smileys you’d be compatible with and which ones wouldn’t be a good match. While it might sound silly, and the website’s disclaimer notes the quiz is “for fun and entertainment only,” a lot of TikTokers say it’s spot on and that they’re surprised by how accurate it is.

Source: Daily Mail

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