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Talking about money with your partner can be awkward. But if you’re super serious about this person, like thinking of spending the rest of your life with this person, talking about money is necessary. “HelloGiggles” spoke to relationship and financial experts to get their tips on how to talk money with your partner, and here are three of the biggest ones that’ll make it productive and less awkward.

Share your money story. A way to get your partner to open up about their money worries and goals is to tell them what yours are. You’re putting yourself out there and they will most likely reciprocate by doing the same (and if they don’t, red flag!). Then segue into the present day and talk about what your money goals are right now and any money worries you currently have.

Ask productive questions. Questions you should ask are things like “Are you open to sharing your current salary as well as your financial goals?” and “Do you prefer keeping our accounts separate, joint, or both?”

Consult a financial advisor together. They’ll walk you through your money history and can give insight on how this can impact your future. They’re a neutral party that can help guide you both.

Source: HelloGiggles

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