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A woman in Los Angeles wasn’t afraid to go to extremes to get revenge on her cheating ex. According to the Mirror, singer-songwriter Izza took out some billboards with her face plastered on them to promote her latest album and she had one strategically placed right outside her ex’s home. The 25-year-old says now the two-timer and “his new girl can see me everyday.”

Izza now has several billboards around L.A. to bring attention to her new EP “I Say This With Love” and made sure to have one of the 14-foot photos of herself on display where her ex can’t help but see her. “I wanted this person who did me wrong to see my face, regret it and see how well I’m doing,” she explains. “To see I’m having a thriving music career and doing way better.”

While the musician says she doesn’t care what her ex thinks and that he hasn’t been in touch, she admits she hopes he “sees the billboard in the morning when he opens his blinds — that was the goal.” Izza says she used to be too much of a people-pleaser to be able to do something like this, but now her confidence has increased and she credits that with giving her the courage to be so bold. She encourages anyone going through a heartbreak to put their energy into what they love, adding that petty revenge might help, too. “It feels good to get what I want,” she says, “and get revenge.”

Source: Mirror

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