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We’ve lived through a lot in the last few years and it’s affected everything from what we wear to what we watch. According to Nameberry it turns out that it’s affected what we name our babies, too. Pam Redmond, founder of Nameberry, a baby naming website, says the uncertainty and turmoil we’ve gone through has inspired a big shift in the mood and style of names that will be popular next year. She explains, “There’s a pop, upbeat, bright, 1920s/1960s vibe around.”

Nameberry predicts these will be the hottest baby name trends for 2023:

Golden names – Nameberry says parents want golden, shimmering, gilded names, like Goldie, Halo, Sunshine, Marigold, Aurelia, and Lux.

Neo-cowboy names – The baby name experts say “rugged, outdoorsy, back-to-basics” names are booming, as are cowboy-esque names like Hawkins, Foster, Rhett, Beck, and Tex.

Cross-culture names – According to Nameberry, parents like names that can be pronounced in multiple languages, which follow a “very specific formula of four letters, two syllables and end in i. Expect to see more babies named Lori, Leni, Gigi, Rani, Suki, Nori, and Lili.

Adjective namesNick Cannon has sons Golden and Legendary, and Khloe Kardashian’s daughter is True, so if this trend catches on, we could see names like Wavy, Legendary, and Heavenly go mainstream.

Grandpa names for girls – Nameberry predicts retro names like Max, Ozzie, Billie, Drew, and Lou could be big for baby girls in 2023.

Blue-green names – Pulled from nature, names like Emerald, Fern, and Sapphire are trending.

Mix and match names – In a quest to be original, parents are inventing or combining names, so we’ll be seeing more like Icelyn, Maebry, Novarae, Emberly, and Rhyett.

Source: Nameberry

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