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I have a lot of “Florida friends” who are still in the dating game and I think I will be sending this blog to them as well! However, according to the Daily Mail, there are some ways to ensure finding your dream man while online dating!

Rosie Green felt like nobody would ever love her again after her divorce and confesses that was her greatest fear at the time. She found herself unexpectedly single after her marriage fell apart when she was 45 and her confidence was at an all-time low, but she decided to give online dating a chance anyway.

It was a whole new experience Rosie, as it was the first time she’d been single in 26 years, and she says the positives outweighed the negatives for her with online dating. Based on her personal experiences, she came up with these golden rules for meeting the man of your dreams online.

Tips to beat the algorithm – You want your dating profile to be seen by as many people as possible on the app and Rosie says to make that happen, you need to visit the site regularly. The app’s algorithm will make your profile less visible if it detects inactivity. Refreshing your photos, by adding new ones and taking out old ones, every month helps, too.

Set the right tone – The way you come across in initial messages makes a big impact, so Rosie advises making them “light-hearted and fun” and not getting too deep or too sexual too early.

Don’t lie – Not even about your age or where you live. Don’t use filters either, she warns, as they tend to turn men off.

Ditch the idea of the quick date – Rosie disagrees with dating experts who suggest keeping first dates brief and businesslike. She advises skipping the coffee date with a rigid time frame because it feels like “you both have one foot out the door already” and instead relaxing and having fun with dinner, drinks or whatever the date entails.

How to handle a “ZQ dater” – This refers to “zero questions daters”and Rosie advises not being that person. Instead she recommends asking questions, flirting a little and flattering a bit too. Your date will also be nervous, so she suggests putting them at ease while getting to know them with casual questions, just be sure to not make it feel like an interview.

Make them ask you out – “Be open, be friendly, make it clear that you like them, but don’t ask them out,” she says.

Source: Daily Mail

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