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Yesterday, I shared the ways to get over your ex. Today, I am taking it one step further and telling you how to handle the break-up on socials.

Nothing pours salt in the breakup wounds like seeing your ex happy and healthy on Instagram. Some of us choose to rip off the band-aid the second the breakup happens – we unfollow, block, and hide our exes from all forms of social media so we don’t get tripped up while we’re mindlessly scrolling. According to the Huffington Post, here’s how to deal with any platform once you’ve broken up:

  • Facebook – Do either of you even use Facebook anymore? Clear your relationship status, and hide their posts.
  • Instagram – Consider muting them so you don’t have to have the terrible “why did you unfollow me” conversation.
  • Netflix – Change your password and get your own account! It’s time!
  • Snapchat – Delete them from your friends list!
  • Spotify – Seriously, they could come up on your feed! Unfriend them if you’re afraid of seeing them add to their sexy time playlist.
  • Twitter – Unless you really like their content, just go ahead and unfollow your ex.
  • Venmo – This one’s the worst. It’ll show you all of the dates your ex has been on. Make sure to unfriend them before things get messy.

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