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When your marriage is struggling, the pain and stress can take over your entire life and leave you feeling miserable, but a simple guide for spending more time together could change all that. According to the NY Post, the 2-2-2 rule is here to help potentially improve your marriage or relationship and it’s actually really easy to follow. Just try to swing a date night every two weeks, a weekend away every two months and a week away every two years.

The 2-2-2 rule reportedly originated on Reddit a few years ago and it’s recently made a comeback as relationship advice on social media. Fans of the rule swear by it, including former NFL athlete Anthony Trucks and his wife, Christina. “It was back in 2016 I came across data that showed spending time with another person makes you psychologically closer,” he explains. “If something is a priority to you, you have to dedicate time to it.” So the couple makes frequent date nights a priority and dedicates time to each other in the chaos of dealing with schedules, work and kids’ activities.

The rule also gets a thumbs up from relationship experts. Psychoanalyst and marriage counselor Kimberly Hershenson says, “I think it’s excellent,” adding that in order to have a great marriage, you have to spend time together. She says she’s had clients on the brink of divorce who turned their relationship around by using the 2-2-2 rule. Spending purposeful time together gives couples a chance to communicate and know more about what’s going on in each other’s lives, which leads to a deeper understanding and Hershenson says that’s key.

Source: NY Post

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