Sitting still in my household doesn’t come easily for any of us. We love to travel, and my family loves a good road trip! Some of our favorite places that we have been with the kids are just a short day trip from Charlotte! Palmetto Bluff has always been on our bucket list and after 10 years here in Charlotte, we figured it was about time to check it out!

Saturday morning, Dallas, the kids and myself jumped in the car and headed south. The 3 hour and 4o min drive took us about 4 hours and some change, thanks to a couple fenderbenders on the highway, but we made it to The Montage.

You might be thinking to yourself… The Montage Palmetto Bluff? Where have I heard that before? Their claim to fame is that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got married there in September of 2018. The place is beautiful and from the second we arrived I felt like we were on the movie set of “The Notebook”. I never thought the marsh could be so charming until I saw it in person.

Mountainous trees with Spanish moss draping their endless arms resided overhead. Majestic cranes hunted for fish on the river beds and playful dolphins splashed around the docks waiting for scraps from fishermen at sunset.

After seeing it in person, there is no doubt in my mind why Justin and Hailey chose this location for their nuptials, it’s the most private and romantic place you have ever seen! The hotel even has Veuve Clicquot branded bicycles that you can take on a chef planned picnic with champagne and caviar. (Right up my alley!)

Of course, while I was on property I had to explore, find and make note of all of the spectacular scenes, we all had gotten a glimpse of on the pages of Page Six. Here is a behind the scenes look of the property and chapel where the Bieber’s said “I Do.”

Fun fact, the chapel isn’t always set up like a house of god. When I popped my head in, it was being set for a luncheon.