We all love murder mysteries and true crime stories. I’m not sure what it is about other people’s drama, but we’re obsessed. Maybe because it’s so unbelievable! Producer Nicole and I LOVE crime podcasts and documentaries, and we are continually trading notes and must-watch shows. Personally, I think the world is much more entertaining than fiction, and there is always a news story or unsolved mystery to catch up on!

When I heard this sound on Instagram, I knew I had to use it. My husband Dallas catches me all the time listening to these earworms. He will walk into the room and ask, “What the hell are you listening to?” to which I reply, “Shhhhhh!”

This got us thinking. Why not open up the mics and hear your personal unsolved mysteries. It might make you feel better to talk about it anyway, so we brought it to Charlotte Secrets! Here is what we heard this week …

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