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A professional treasure hunter, Nathan Drake is an adventurer and deep-sea salvage expert who is sitting on an estimated wealth of $367,642. Drake lives with Elena Fisher in a modest home in New Orleans where the average house costs $244,34525 but is lucky enough to also have a beach house in Mexico which is valued at $61,66225. Drake’s famous Jeep Wrangler adds a further $52,87326 to his estimated wealth, with his impressive weapon arsenal adding another $876227. All of this, added to an annual income of $61,39128 thanks to his occupation as a Marine Salvager leaves him sitting of a very healthy amount.

If you love a good scavenger hunt … you might wanna buy a plane ticket to Utah!

According to FOX 13 NowThe Utah Treasure Hunt is back and promises a chance to get out in nature and possibly score $20-thousand. For the third year in a row, Utah real estate investors David Cline and John Maxim are hosting the Utah Treasure Hunt, where they hide treasure somewhere in Utah’s backcountry and put out clues on social media to help hunters find it.

Cline and Maxim started their treasure hunt in 2020 as a way to encourage people to get out of their homes during lockdown in a fun and safe way. That first year, six-thousand people took part and after a four-day search, someone located the $10-thousand prize. The next year, they upped the prize to $20-thousand and it took 17 days for one of the 20-thousand participants to find it.

For the third year of the hunt, Cline and Maxim are keeping the prize at $20-thousand. “If it’s too much, I think it brings out a lot of crazies and it just gets dangerous,” explains Cline. Anyone can take part in the hunt and they love that all types of people, from students to retirees, participate. “That’s what makes it fun.”

The first clue will be released on Cline and Maxim‘s Instagram on Friday (June 3rd) and weekly clues will follow until the prize is found.

Source: FOX 13 Now

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