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Anyone who tells you being a mom is not a full-time job has never had the experience themselves. Moms take on lots of different roles every day, and a new report reveals that if they were paid accordingly, they’d make a pretty big salary. has just come out with their 12th annual Mother’s Day Index.

It has determined that if moms got paid for all their typical responsibilities in the household, their salary would be more than $126,725.

That’s a 9.2% increase from last year, and the first time it has reached passed six figures.

The job of mom has 18 typical core jobs according to the report, with 15 of them getting wage increases this year.

The biggest increases came as accountants and auditors (36%) and designers (28%).

Other areas with significant increases include:

Bakers (6%) Cooks (7%) Maids and housekeeping cleaners (14%) Teachers (19%)

The ones with the largest declines include mental health counselor (-12%) and community and social service specialists (-7%).

Long story short … go home today and give Mom a great BIG hug!


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