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PARK RIDGE, IL - OCTOBER 04: A "For Sale By Owner" sign is posted in front of an existing single-family residence for sale October 4, 2006 in Park Ridge, Illinois. The slowing of home sales is projected to result in lower home prices in 2007, particularly in the Northeast, Florida and California, according a report released October 4. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

With the housing market as hot as it is, one woman is taking a unique approach in selling her Panama City Beach, Florida, home. Realtor Crystal Ball’s wild listing is getting a lot of attention. According to Newsweek, she is going viral not for the location or the size, but for the “ex-husband” that comes with the property. The playful description explains that the three bedroom, two bath home has a garage, pool, and a “wonderfully rehabbed ex-husband up for grabs as tenant.”

Ball and her ex, Richard Chaillou, recently threw in the towel on their five-year marriage, but they’re still on good terms, and he’s in on the fun. Ball is currently selling two of her three beach town properties and on this one, buyers can score a discount if they agree to take in Richard.

  • The photos in the listing show him playfully posing around the house with a stuffed white tiger.
  • But he won’t just be lounging around if he’s your roomie. The listing claims he’ll also help cook, clean and fix things around the house as the live-in handyman.
  • “This dream man in the kitchen is a personal chef and server cooking up perfect meals on a new stove with updated countertops you can make memories on,” the description notes.
  • It teases that Richard’s “XL ears will pick up creaks and make sure WD40 is applied to your new fixtures. Large Italian nose will sniff out any odors before you even think about taking the trash out your decorative front door.”

“I’m a huge fan of creative marketing tactics, and I felt this was a fitting way to announce my divorce, my name change and my new brokerage launch,” Ball explains. “Hopefully someone sees the funny side in it and takes both the house and Richard off my hands sooner than later.”

Source: Newsweek

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