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This is unnerving to me. Amy Kupps says she’s a “professional mistress” who only dates married men and according to the Daily Mail, the 33-year-old former teacher is now an OnlyFans content creator, something she started to spice up her sex life with her now ex-husband. But she says he got really jealous of her OnlyFans work and ended up cheating on her with a younger woman.

So there’s that …

However, according to her this all makes her a kind of an expert in men who have affairs and she’s sharing her advice for how to keep your husband from being unfaithful. Amy says she hears the same complaints from all of the married men she sees, so she knows how to avoid infidelity.

  • First up, bring more excitement to the bedroom and that pleasuring your partner “frequently and often’ is key.
  • “You need to watch porn together, be open to a boob job, change your hair color and wear something you don’t normally wear,” Amy suggests. BTW I STRONGLY disagree with getting ANY work done unless it is for YOU and YOU ALONE!
  • She says men love confident women, so she recommends showing some butt and cleavage in public, adding, “If you’re a conservative plain Jane, he will likely run.”
  • Fulfilling his sexual fantasies pratically guarantees he will stay, according to this expert.
  • Those fantasies may include role playing, getting in costume and having sex in a risky location, like at a concert or “in the back of a church.”

Amy spends a lot of time with married men and says one of the top reasons men cheat is sex, or a lack of it in their marriage. She says they all complain about one of these things:

  • Their wives don’t have sex with them anymore
  • Their wives are boring and don’t have time for them
  • Their wives aren’t adventurous or have no sex appeal
  • And despite her preference for partners who are married to other women, Amy claims she doesn’t think anyone should cheat on their spouse. She says she often tells these men, “If their relationship is so unhealthy that they’re cheating, it’s okay to move on.”

Ok … I’m just gonna leave that there!

Source: Daily Mail

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