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Ever been in a race against the clock to pick your child up at the end of the day? Most parents have experienced the panic of being late to school or activity pickup, rushing as fast as they can to get there in order to avoid a late charge and possible side-eye from the teacher on duty. But according to Todayone mom in south Florida was in for quite a shock when she arrived to get her two-year-old from daycare and found the staff had gone home for the day and left her daughter alone inside.

When Stephanie Martinez showed up at the KinderCare Learning Center north of Miami on Wednesday, it was 6:28pm and the building was dark. The door was locked, and her toddler was alone and locked inside. In the mom’s call to 911, she tells the dispatcher she could see her little girl crying, through a window but she couldn’t get to her until authorities arrived.

According to a report from the Plantation Police Department, fire department workers pried the door open about 20 minutes later. Luckily, the tot was found in good health, although Martinez says her daughter was “super traumatized” by the situation. According to police, the daycare worker who was in charge of checking kids out left at 6:20 and locked the doors. The incident is being investigated by the local child protection agency and KinderCare says it has placed the workers involved on administrative leave while it investigates.

Source: Today