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Spice Girls (L-R) Victoria Beckham, Melanie Chisholm (Mel C), Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Melanie Brown (Mel B) pose for a photocall at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich ahead of their news conference later today on June 28, 2007 in London, England.

We all have a guilty pleasure band that we’d rather not have anyone find out about and if yours is the Spice Girls, you’re going to love this. According to RomperLego is coming out with a BrickHeadz Spice Girls Tribute set next month. The BrickHeadz style was first introduced in 2016 and has brought all kinds of characters to life, including IronMan and Buzz Lightyear, but the Spice Girls set is the first time that real people have been given the BrickHeadz treatment.

The 578-piece set is $49.99 and includes:

Each of the five members – Mel B, aka Scary Spice; Melanie C, aka Sporty Spice; Emma, aka Baby Spice; Geri, aka Ginger Spice and Victoria, aka Posh Spice. Instantly recognizable Spice Girls – Scary is in leopard print, Baby is wearing pink and has her pigtails, Sporty is decked out in a tracksuit, Ginger is wearing her Union Jack dress and Posh is in what else? A little black dress. Mic stands and hand-held microphones, so fans can let their Lego Spice Girls put on a show. Accessories like a pink lollipop for Baby and a microphone headset for Sporty so she can dance without being slowed down.

And this part may make you feel your age, but the set is coming out just in time for the 25th anniversary of the group’s movie, “Spiceworld.” Who cares that in Roger Ebert’s review of the film, he suggested that the Spice Girls “could be duplicated by any five women under the age of 30 standing in line at Dunkin’ Donuts.” To some, it’s a classic and now they can reenact the movie in Lego form, if they really, really want, starting March 1st.

Source: Romper