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LauRen's Podcast
This podcast was born over a coffee date. Two unlikely friends of different ages (37 and 55) figure out that being pregnant and going through menopause have similar symptoms. LauRen and Barb are sharing their personal stories and struggles while laughing their way through these life changes.
In this episode of Mommyhood 2 Menopause, LauRen gives us an insight into her neurotic mind. LauRen turned in her white jeep a few months ago and had been looking for a new one. The problem is we are in the middle of a car shortage. After months of looking LauRen found a beautiful brand new jeep, however, there is one issue with it… the color! 
Don’t worry Barb is here to talk some sense into our LauRen and they recap the Neiman Marcus 15 year anniversary event they attended together. They also give us a great preview on what to expect this fall from the runways.