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By now you’ve probably seen at least one of your friends posting a selfie with a big pumpkin spice coffee or at the very least had someone on your Facebook feed raging about the fall flavors being released before Labor Day.

You might not want to tell that person this but it’s lowkey Millennials and Gen Z’s fault that it keeps on sneaking earlier and earlier into the year.

According to AD Week, our love of the cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, and clove mix is probably what caused Dunkin’ to launch its line of pumpkin products last week. Which is the earliest they’ve ever put it out. While the vast majority of Americans say pumpkins should stick to October, the younger generations say we’ll buy it up as soon as you want to start serving it.

However, there has been a major shift in how we want to enjoy the ultimate autumn spice. AD week, says surveys have found baked goods and ice cream have both topped the iconic PSL as the best vehicle for pumpkin spice. Hot pumpkin spiced coffee drinks are now actually tied with savory pumpkin spice foods and candies. At the bottom of the list was pumpkin spice beer with only 28% of consumers saying they love to crack open a bottle of that above all other fall-flavored treats.

Source: AD Week