NC College students are set to return to campus in the coming weeks. And with the delta variant surging, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is requiring students to either get the COVID-19 vaccine or participate in regular testing. But some students who do not want to take the shot are finding ways to avoid the vaccine and the testing. Instead, these students are purchasing fake vaccination cards. A professor at UNC, Benjamin Mason Meiri, brought the issue to light on Twitter.

He says he spoke with several UNC students who knew how to easily purchase a fake COVID-19 vaccine card. The students said they were aware of others who had submitted the fake cards to the university. Meier, who has been advocating for mandatory vaccines on campus for quite some time said even students are concerned.

The University told WRAL in Raleigh they are aware of the issues, “Providing false information about a vaccination status is a violation of the University honor code and may result in disciplinary action such as suspension from the University.”

Do you think the University will have the time to go through and identify the fake vaccination cards? With the availability of images of the cards, I’m not sure how you be able to tell what is fake. I would think even creating your own wouldn’t be too difficult. With states like New York and California beginning to require vaccinations for everyday things such as gyms and restaurants, this could very well become a major issue and hot topic.

Source WCCB