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Remember the days of sleeping in as late as you wanted as a teenager? After getting up so early for school all week, many moms sympathize with their sleep-deprived teens and let them snooze until they naturally wake up.

According to Reddit, one mom on Reddit isn’t having it. She has two sons, 14 and 16, and she writes that the non-negotiable rule in her house is that they have to be up at 10am and the only exceptions? Their birthdays or if they’re sick.

This leads to a lot of “grumbling” from her kids as she says she often has to forcibly wake them up. The mom was recently telling her brother about her rule and he called her out, saying that forcing them to get up early is preventing them from getting the proper amount of sleep they need. “In my opinion, I’m instilling discipline in my boys and making them get up at a reasonable time,” she writes, insisting that 10am isn’t too early. But her brother’s comments have her second-guessing herself, so she turns to Redditors to ask if she’s wrong for demanding the teens get up at 10, no matter what.

And overall, the people of Reddit agree that she needs to let her kids sleep. Many users point out that teens tend to be night owls, which makes them more likely to sleep in and others say as long as they’re doing well in school and are well-behaved, the mom should let them sleep in. Several people call the wake-up rule “controlling” and remind her that when her boys are older, they’ll have to get up early for work and other responsibilities. But some users are on mom’s side, like one who writes, “Going to bed at 3am and sleeping all day is not necessarily good behavior to develop.” But most Redditors say the kids have a lifetime to learn discipline and should enjoy sleeping in during their childhoods, especially in the summer.

Source: Reddit