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I usually tap the outside of the plane for good luck, before I board for flight. But this guy takes that to the next level!

China’s Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines canceled a flight after a male passenger threw a handful of coins into the engine of a plane for good luck.

The airline said that airport staffers noticed coins on the floor under the engine in an inspection before takeoff.

The man, identified only by his surname Wang in the post, admitted that he threw a handful of coins toward the plane, according to Times Now Digital. He was then arrested by police.

Authorities were able to recover all six coins, which the man had wrapped in red paper for luck, but the airline decided to cancel flight GX8814 from Weifang to Haikou, in the Chinese provinces of Shandong and Hainan, to ensure passenger safety.

Nearly 150 passengers were escorted off the flight, which was delayed until the next day.

Over the past few years, numerous superstitious citizens have been arrested and charged in China for throwing coins at planes for good luck.

In February 2019, Chinese man Lu Chao, 28, threw a handful of coins into a plane’s engine as he embarked for his first-ever plane journey at Anqing Tianzhushan Airport in the Anhui Province, according to BBC.

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