384052 01: Movers from Central United Van Lines load a truck with the belongings of President-elect George W. Bush and his family January. 8, 2001 outside the Governor's Mansion in Austin, Texas. Most of the items are bound for the White House. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers)

According to data recently collected by HireAHelper.com  North Carolina ranked as #4 in the cheapest states to hire movers in. The home market is on fire and if you are planning on buying this is welcome news as you will most likely be paying top dollar for that home.

HireAHelper looked at moving costs over the last year to see how much states and cities spent for a typical move. That typical move in the US costs $397.83 for an average time of 3 hours. The average distance people are moving is 36 miles.

If you are looking to keep costs low keep in mind that moving on-site only is the cheapest at just $309 per move. Costs increase for loading or unloading assistance and averaged $573 if both services were utilized. These are nationwide averages.

Cheapest States for Moving:

  • Arizona – $338
  • Maine- $339
  • Texas- $342
  • North Carolina- $343
  • Nebraska- $347
  • Florida- $353
  • Nevada- $365
  • Oklahoma- $366
  • Colorado- $374
  • Tennessee- $378

Most Expensive States for Moving:

  • Wisconsin- $487
  • New York- $470
  • California- $465
  • New Hampshire- $464
  • Arkansas- $461
  • Massachusetts- $460
  • Rhode Island- $458
  • Washington- $451
  • New Jersey- $448
  • Maryland- $447

Sources and methodology:

All charts and tables are based on the analysis of local moving data in the U.S., booked through HireAHelper.com and our partners in 2020.

Study: Cost of Moving in America in 2021

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