Keith Urban took to his socials early this morning (4/9) to tip his hat to Taylor Swift, who just released her newly recored version of 2008 album Fearless. The album includes a new version of a song that didn’t make it to the original album, “That’s When.” The new version is a duet with Keith called “That’s When.”

Keith posted to Twitter, “I hadn’t heard our voices together since sitting in with you on the 1989 tour in Toronto ! Congrats @taylorswift13
– you’ve got some gems in that vault !!! Thanks for having me join you on a couple of them.”

The song’s lyrics sing in the chorus, “That’s when / When I wake up in the morning / That’s when / When it’s sunny or storming / Laughing when I’m crying,” goes the chorus. “And that’s when / I’ll be waiting at the front gate / That’s when / When I see your face / I’ll let you in / And, baby, that’s when.”

Keith Urban – Guitar God