Coronavirus Information Report

Flying…it wasn’t fun before COVID-19 and guess what…it’s even worse now. I needed to visit my family in Florida and driving just wasn’t an opinion. So, I inevitably had to book a flight and brace the dreaded act of heading to the airport and taking a plane ride post the pandemic. I never imagined I would have to live through a global pandemic and since this was my first time flying since the wrath of COVID-19, I figured why not document for my future self how it went. First off, the flight I was supposed to be on (the day before) was canceled. So that was a terrific start to my COVID-19 experience. On my second day back to try it all again this is how it went…

When I got to the airport a mask was required in order to enter and fly. Security was fast, pretty much like pre-COVID-19 and once you got into the terminal all the seats were marked and hand sanitizer machines filled the space. I was a little surprised that some of the machines didn’t work, but I hoped it was only because everyone was using them so much.

Once it was time to hop on the flight, the airline I took boarded by row. They start from the back of the plane and work their way to the front. That 100% made sense to me. If we’re military, pay for priority boarding, or need extra service you could skip ahead of the lines to board. I thought it was quite interesting that when the mask requirement was said over the intercom, a note was made that scarfs and bandanas were no longer accepted. A proper mask was available for free if you did not have one. We boarded outside (it was a small airport) but personally I don’t think switching all the flights to this way of boarding would be such a bad idea.

Personally, I decided to wear two makes during my trip because I’m that OCD. My flight was fine once we got off into the air. It was quick and I sat near the window with the middle seat open. Thanks to the flight attendant and the plane not being full, the person who was originally sitting next to me was moved. For the rest of the flight, I watched the college admissions scandal to pass the time and landed in Florida within an hour and a half.

Once we landed, I was a bit shocked that they didn’t tell us to remain in our seats once we reached the gate. Just like the old times, everyone stood up and rushed to the aisles. I did not expect everyone to stand up in the aisles like pre-Covid 19. Since we boarded by row, I was expecting to be leaving the plane the same way. I suppose some things never change…we will always be in a rush. Overall, flying post-COVID-19 wasn’t so bad after all. It was quick, it was easy, and expect the bump in the road of my first flight being canceled… I’d do it again.

Alexis Zarycki is your average girl with the hopes of leaving an everlasting impact on the world. Follow her on Instagram @official_lexpaige