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Butterball offers more ways to get its turkey tips to you. While its phone line can still be reached at 1-800-BUTTERBALL, they now have a text line that can be reached at 844-877-3456. There are also live chat options at Even Amazon Alexa-enabled devices can help! Just say, “Alexa, ask Butterball…” and you can have your question answered ASAP.

Well this is cool! We somehow keep adding Alexa’s in our house. We now have 3. If you have more than one in your house did you know about these tricks?

Amazon Echo features you may be unaware of include:

  • Alexa can make phone calls – If you add or import your contacts to your Echo you can use Alexa as a speaker phone.
  • Alexa can watch out for burglars – Set up Alexa Guard and it can listen for sounds and alert  you.
  • You can use Alexa as an Intercom – If you tell Alexa to “drop in on all devices” you can speak through you devices.
  • Alexa can share photos of you – If your Echo has a screen you can snap a photo and send it to another Echo.
  • Alexa can lock your doors – You’ll need a smart lock, but you can set up Alexa to lock your doors for you.
  • Alexa can tell you a joke – All you have to do is ask.
  • Change Alexa’s voice or accent – Sick of Alexa’s standard voice, you can actually change that.

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