24 donuts sound like just the right amount for me! (I’m not sure if I’ll be sharing yet)

Krispy Kreme appears to have plans to make too many donuts and you can benefit from this! The donut chain is offering a BOGO deal on a dozen donuts-and there’s no catch!

That’s right you can get one dozen original glazed donuts with the purchase of one dozen original glazed donuts. Just use the promo code BOGODOZEN on your takeout, drive-thru, or delivery orders! So, whether you have a large group to get donuts for or just want 24 donuts to yourself (no judgment), you have until March 7th, 2021 to get this deal. Charlotte has a few Krispy Kreme locations so you can score this deal locally!

P.S. Enjoy the delicious photos below…they are mouth-watering

Krispy Kreme Worker Runs Doughnut Through Glazer 25 Times


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