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COONABARABRAN, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 01: Farmers Emily Doolan and Joe Read are married in the Catholic Church in Coonabarabran on October 01, 2020 in Coonabarabran, Australia. During the height of Australia’s recent drought the Doolan family, who are 4th generation farmers, property turned to dust. After consistent rains this year across NSW the property has rebounded. During the worst of the drought, both the children of Ambrose and Lisa Doolan, Brett and Emily, returned home to work on the farm. Emily now resides on the property next door, and was today married to Joe Read, another local farmer. The wedding had been delayed first due to drought, then COVID-19. The newlyweds returned home to their small house amongst the now lush fields. In a major turnaround for the family, Ambrose was recently appointed the mayor of Coonabarabran. Farmers across NSW are enjoying a bumper harvest following drought breaking rains during the Australian winter. Above average rainfall between March and August has helped NSW emerge out of a prolonged drought, with winter crop production expected to increase year on year by 60 per cent. The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting a ‘La Niña’ weather pattern in the coming months, which further increases the prospects of consistent rainfall across the country. (Photo by Brook Mitchell/Getty Images)

Finding out your in-laws have done something with your child without your permission can be concerning, but what if you find out they’ve been doing it for years? This is the spot one mom finds herself in after discovering her husband’s parents have been taking their eight-year-old son to church with them for a couple years now, all behind mom and dad’s back. So how did they keep this a secret? The boy has been staying at his grandparents without his parents for the last few summers and no one ever brought it up.

The dismayed mom only found out after her son asked if she would come watch him get baptized at his Grammy’s and she was shocked, to say the least. The thing is, the grandparents know how the parents feel about church. Mom writes that she’s a lapsed Anglican and her husband is a lapsed Mormon and they made it clear to both sets of grandparents that they wanted their son to make his own decision about his faith when he was older and ready. So her in-laws did the whole church thing behind their backs, never asking how either parent would feel about it first.

Now the mom is angry, but she also feels bad for her son because he loves staying with his grandma and grandpa, but she says that can’t happen now that they’ve crossed a line. In a post to Reddit’s “Just no MIL” section, she asks how she should proceed because she can’t trust her in-laws now. Many users were outraged by the grandparents, pointing out that if they felt the need to hide their actions, they knew it was wrong. Lots of Redditors say him going to church isn’t the problem, but the baptism is a big deal and so is the fact they’ve lied about it for so long and had the kid hide it, too.