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One woman’s husband is in the major doghouse for not only forgetting their anniversary, but then totally snubbing her on the big day.

The woman shares on Reddit that she and her husband recently celebrated their sixth anniversary together and their second wedding anniversary. It was also their first since their son was born. And while it may have been a special day, the husband ruined it.

The OP, who is currently three months pregnant, explains that her hubby often has dinner with his parents, although she and her son are never invited because she doesn’t get along with them. On the day of their anniversary she asked if he wanted to do something special, and he admitted he forgot it was their big day and had already made plans to have dinner with his parents.

While the OP claimed she could get past her husband forgetting, he still planned to go to dinner with his parents even though it was their anniversary, and she wasn’t welcome at his parents’ home. He insisted he couldn’t cancel with his parents at the last minute and told her that since they didn’t have anything “special” planned, the could “always do something tomorrow.

The OP got really angry and started cursing at him, and then he made it worse by blaming her behavior on “hormones.” He then left to go to his parents, and when he came home he slept on the sofa. The next day he was acting cold towards the OP, eventually telling her he was waiting for an apology for yelling at him. This started yet another argument, where she told him to “p*ss off,” and he told her she was being “immature and hormonal.”

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