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This year hasn’t been great for a lot of things, but it has been spectacular for the breakup industry. Not only are lawyers reporting a rise in calls about divorce, but surveys also show 67% of users say they’ve gone through a breakup in 2020. To put that into context, only 34% said they had split with a partner last year. So there’s a good chance that you’re already heartbroken, or heading for one…so here are some tips from Dating Expert Maria Sullivan to help you get through it in lockdown.

Don’t Deny Your Feelings. You can try to pretend you’re ok or even that you’re over it, but that won’t last. Sullivan recommends you instead “let yourself be upset” and use this time to “allow yourself to properly reflect on what went wrong in the relationship in order for you to learn and move on.” In a strange way, being told to stay inside is a blessing since it forces you to really sit and think about your issues and work through them much faster.

Stay Busy. If you get dumped in quarantine, distractions are key. Sullivan says to “reach out to family or friends and plan socially distant outings to spend time with people who make you happy.” It’s a good reminder that there are people in this world that love you and that you aren’t as crappy as your ex made you feel.

Take On Something New. Try to occupy that brain space you would use for crying with some learning instead. Sullivan advises you to try an “easy activity like a virtual morning workout class” and “help yourself focus on other things going on in your life rather than the breakup.” Plus, those newfound skills and classes will be great for future dates with some cute new match when you’re ready to fire up Tinder again.