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LauRen & Tiffany

Shaquille O’Neal is listing his Florida home once again. He originally wanted $28-million for the 31-thousand square-foot property, back in 2018, but hasn’t had any takers. While most of us don’t even dream this big – let alone can spend that jack, it is nice to dream!

The fun part of Shaq’s house going back on the market is that one of my best Florida friends is helping sell the home. Tiffany Pantozzi and I cheered together at the Miami Dolphins and she went on to have a successful real estate career. Tiff is a powerful beauty and now she is the face of Shaq’s virtual home walkthrough.

So what’s included in the new $ 19-point-5 million reduced prices? How about 700-feet of prime lake frontage and panoramic views of Lake Butler? Oh, and:

  • 12 bedrooms,
  • 11 and a half bathrooms,
  • an indoor basketball court (of course),
  • a cigar bar with a walk-in humidor,
  • a showroom-style garage capable of holding 17 vehicles.
  • a home theater, a private boat dock,
  • a 95-foot swimming pool that’s 15-feet deep and comes with a rock waterfall.
  • a five-bedroom guest house

He’s clearly a motivated seller. So if you’ve got that kind of cash to spend or you’re just curious about what $19 mill could get you, check out the video walkthrough below. The home has been listed three other times since 2018 – and never sold but maybe Tiffany’s touch is just what the doctor ordered.

Good luck Tiff!