Because of the current pandemic, New York City requires travelers from 34 different states to quarantine for two weeks if they are staying for longer than 24 hours. But according to Deadline, celebrities and crews coming into town for the 2020 Video Music Awards are not following rules.

They explain that talent coming to the city will not be subject to isolation before taking part in Sunday’s show. They add, “However, for the performances being staged outdoors around the boroughs, members of the New York Police Dept. TV/Movie unit will make sure performers and their entourages are wearing masks and staying socially distant.”

A City Hall spokesperson states, “The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment and Citywide Events is working in close coordination with the production to ensure guidelines are being followed.”

There is currently an executive order stating that whoever violates the quarantine order is subject to a fine up to $10,000 or up to 15 days in jail. However, people entering the city for the show have been granted an exemption by the state Department of Health.

Deadline points out, “The exemption only extends to the show, according to a governor’s spokesperson. The stars must quarantine if they stay in New York after the VMAs.”

The show was initially scheduled to occur at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, but that was canceled after concerns were raised about infections in close quarters.

The 2020 VMAs will air this Sunday, August 20.

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