BBC made a huge faux pas during their recent George Floyd memorial coverage. Per the New York Post, during a montage about his life, they showed a photo of a living ex-New York Jets player with the same name.

During their slideshow, the BBC broadcaster said, “George Floyd was remembered as a champion basketball and football player.” They then show the retired athlete who played for the Jets in 1982 and 1984.

The BBC addressed the mix-up in a statement to The Post. They said, “During our report on George Floyd’s funeral last night, we showed images from a montage of still photographs which had been played as part of his funeral service. One of the photos we used, which we had taken directly from this montage, depicted the New York Jets player George Floyd. ”

They also added, “We don’t know why that particular image was used in the service, but we subsequently used it as part of our own coverage of the service. We’re still looking into exactly what happened. The BBC would never seek to cause any offense.”

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