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TORRANCE, CA - NOVEMBER 20: Tennis player Maria Sharapova practices yoga as a warm up prior to her tennis session in Torrance, California. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

If you’re like so many of us working from home for the foreseeable future, you’re probably spending most of your day working from the couch or a comfy chair.  I know on a typically day I walk laps around our office, taking things to people’s offices, picking up packages from our front desk, and get easily a few 1000 steps in. The just sitting around has me feeling a little antsy and wanting to find a way to keep active.

I came up with a little workday workout schedule to keep me going and break up the day and thought others might enjoy doing the same thing.

9am- 2 minutes of jumping jacks

10am-10 minutes of abs (I’m doing a mix of crunches, planks, oblique twists, bicycles, etc put pinterest has some great ideas as well)

11am- 2 minute jog in place

12pm- 15 minute walk outside

1pm- 2 minutes of jumping jacks

2pm- 10 minutes of legs (squats, wall sits, leg lifts, calve raises, etc)

3pm- 2 minute jog in place

After work I had planned to hit up some yoga classes but starting to rethink that and might stay in, however I definitely want to keep moving. Luckily youtube has some great at home workouts anyone can do! Check out some of the ones I’m planning on tackling.

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Stay safe and stay fit!



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