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Happy “Mom Hack Moe’s Monday” y’all!  You know I love my mom hacks and Moe’s Mondays is a great one to have in your back pocket because kids eat free on Mondays!

You can also have some fun like I did and find out what kind of Moe’s mom you are. I took the quick 5 question quiz and found out I’m a Moe’s Nacho Mom. Plus, when you take the quiz you’ll be entered for a $25 gift card! Take the quiz here…

Amidst all this craziness, it’s always good as a mom to carry hand sanitizer in your bag, but experts say scrubbing your hands with good old soap and water is the most effective way to stay clean. I found portable travel soap papers to make life a little easier. It’s environmentally sanitary, portable, and has no peculiar smell. Each box contains 20 tablets, and it’s compact and easy to carry.

This portable dry soap (just add water) is $16.99 for 5 boxes and because of its dry nature, it won’t leak in your bag.

So while you are practicing social distancing at home, you can order them online here.

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