Coronavirus Information Report

A newly identified coronavirus called 2019-nCoV has been spreading in China and is now in the United States.

With the virus spreading by air or personal contact, many people are starting to wear surgical masks during their daily commutes, errands and even during work. Surgical masks make for good protection when you are trying not to get sick and if you think about it, when you are at work you can be associating with many people throughout the day with carrying with them their own germs.

The World Health Organization says that the best way to protect you from contracting the virus is to avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness, such as coughing and sneezing. So we want to know, is your workplace taking extra precautions and wearing surgical masks to help prevent a sickness outbreak? Tell us below and be sure to do your best to stay healthy!

P.S. After really thinking this through, to me the thought of using a face mask in the office is started to sound less far-fetched. If you would like to see how to further protect yourself from the coronavirus click here. Need a mask? See here.

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