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She loves us too!

Over the weekend our family celebrated our Aupair Elena’s placement of 1st runner up for Cultural Care’s Aupair Of The Year. And although she didn’t come in first place, she will still qualify for the International Aupair competition. (Don’t worry, no voting this time!)

We were also celebrating Elena’s one year anniversary with us here in the USA. I get asked constantly how long Elena can stay with our family, and the answer is, Aupairs sign 1-year contracts at a time with a maximum of two years. So, when Elena’s first contract was coming to an end, we all had to make a decision.

Dallas and I knew we would love it if Elena stayed, but the hard truth is that some Aupairs want both an east and west coast experience and often choose to go into rematch after the first year to experience both.

We were delighted when one night after dinner, Elena informed us that she wanted to stay our Aupair. She baked us an adorable American Flag cake and asked us all to sit down so she could read us something. Here is the heartfelt letter she shared with our family.

Elena's Extension Story

We already knew we wanted our Aupair Elena to stay another year with our family, but we didn't know if she wanted to officially stay with us! So, she surprised us with a USA cake and letter!